Alternative Systems Protection (ASP) are installers of turnstile access control, automatic gates, barriers and CCTV systems for the UK.


Tailored revenue generation solutions for public and commercial car parks.

Our clients' requirements: 

  • Effectively manage parking facilities for guests+ employees 
  • Reserved parking- charges for 'car park only' users, free access for staff+ customers
  • Quick and non- invasive installations in public places managing different hourly rates
  • Manage a large car park and numerous accesses (Multi Storey)
  • Simple, easy to manage & Inexpensive flat rate systems


Our Solutions:

  • ASPs20 System- Subscriptions created on site for the duration of the stay. Operated by 2D tickets
  • RFID badges for employees and customers; ticket generation at entry/payment at exit for car park users
  • Plug and play systems fully programmed on the premises.
  • ASPs10 System- affordable COINBOX column+ entry/exit barriers
  • Passive Tags access- kept in the car proximity access

''Great quality work carried out by ASP and great aftercare. Highly recommended''