Alternative Systems Protection (ASP) are installers of turnstile access control, automatic gates, barriers and CCTV systems for the UK.


Fencing Solutions- Protecting Your Property

Our clients' requirements: 

  • Premises protection + peace of mind

  • Safeguard assets + deter potential intruders

  • Reduce security costs

Our Solutions:

HIGH SECURITY- Intruder deterrent fencing

* Increased security fencing include Steel Palisade, Welded Mesh, Razor Wire Fencing

* Design and size tailored to location and client's requirements


MEDIUM SECURITYPerimeter fencing

* Durable, strong, low maintenance fencing for overall security: Welded Mesh, Chain Link or Expanded Mesh

* Design and size fully customised to match the site + gate access


LOW SECURITYDomestic, Proprietary Fencing  for overall security

* Wide choice of perimeter fences in our range

* Our design team helps you to make the best choice, always taking aesthetics, durability and maintenance level into account.

* We also offer Steel Railings + other steel fabrications- call us for details.