Access Control Readers allow single identification for each visitor and employee. Here at ASP, we help you choose the most efficient solution for your business.


We offer a wide range of readers:



BARCODE One of the most popular solutions. The system scans the barcode on ID card or keytag and sends a message to door access control system.


PROXIMITY- Proximity readers work by waving one of the access keys in front of a reader device. This contactless solution grows more popular due to its fast response and simplicity.


BIOMETRIC- The most advanced and secure type of reader. Uses unique human characteristics to grant access: fingerprints, retina scans, facial recognition. No card of fob is used.


LONG RANGE- Designed for car park access. Reader’s range of up to 5 metres allows the token to be read from within a vehicle.


KEYPADS Basic yet very reliable and robust access control reader, suitable for outdoors and indoors use. Access by keying in PIN, no card used.



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