Tailored revenue generation systems for public and commercial car parks.

Your requirements: 

  • Effectively manage parking facilities for guests+ employees
  • Reserved parking- charges for ‘car park only’ users, free access for staff+ customers
  • Quick and non- invasive installations in public places managing different hourly rates
  • Manage a large car park and numerous accesses (Multi Storey)
  • Simple, easy to manage & Inexpensive flat rate systems


Our Solutions:

  • ASPs20 System- Subscriptions created on site for the duration of the stay. Operated by 2D tickets
  • RFID badges for employees and customers; ticket generation at entry/payment at exit for car park users
  • Plug and play systems fully programmed on the premises.
  • ASPs10 System- affordable COINBOX column+ entry/exit barriers
  • Passive Tags access- kept in the car proximity access

We also offer Service Packages to suit your needs

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