Fast response turnstiles are our most innovative and advanced type. They are used internally and combine supervised site security with admission control. These swing door entrance turnstiles feature modern design, fast response and high safety while providing the minimal footprint . This type of turnstile allows consumer monitoring, creating databases and analysing footfall. Multiple install options allow to create a perfect solution for your establishment.


Fast Response Turnstiles are a favourite within leisure clubs, office premises, universities, libraries and government/ local authority premises.


Your requirements

  • Logging staff + visitor movement
  • Unauthorised access control
  • Creating and refining company database
  • Analysing demographic footfall
  • Expanding revenue by reducing security costs
  • Elegant design and maximum throughput


Our security solutions

  • Fast response turnstiles¬†for supervised security
  • Waist high turnstiles with doors of up to 1.7m high
  • Turnstile / control board interface for raw data production
  • Elegant design with glass door matching every space
  • High safety- intuitive solutions prevent impact and entrapment
  • Fast opening and closing with detection of trolleys, multiple entries, children and tailgating.

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