Waist height tripod turnstiles are very popular at sites with high pedestrian traffic. They are very robust, reliable and suitable for internal and external use. Tripod turnstiles allow entry, exit or bidirectional access one user at the time. They reduce the need of entry/exit guarding and provide safe and controlled access to sites. Tripod turnstiles are build to withstand abuse and impact as well as harsh weather conditions.

These turnstiles are often installed at sports stadiums, subway and airport passage systems, busy office buildings & industrial sites e.g. factories.

Your requirements

  • Medium- high level of site security
  • Staff + visitor movement
  • Reducing security costs
  • Effective deterrent to unauthorised entry


Our security solutions

  • Reduced need for manned access control
  • Restricted access to secured zones
  • Stainless steel product robust to the weather and impact
  • Long-term investment, low maintenance costs

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