From corporate establishments to busy industrial estates, our technologies provide essential remote security for our clients.


Our client’s requirements

  • Secure + manage facilities more effectively
  • Dedicate more time to sales + production
  • Control access areas from HQ
  • Broadband internet access for remote communities + businesses


Our security solutions

  • Systems that are customised to the client’s criteria
  • Free Space Optics, WiFi, WiMax platforms for network management
  • High quality, top-performance technology


Our product range includes


MMW- Milimiter-Wave Radios

High performance, carrier-class Millimeter-Wave radios offering 100Mbps up to 1.25 Gigabit throughput in 60-90GHz spectrum including the newly allocated E-band


FSO- Free Space Optics

Free Space Optics supports data rates from 1 to 1500Mbps (model dependant) with interfaces for Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel for Storage Area Networks. Our products include advanced features such as ATPC to overcome high fade in adverse conditions.


MW- Microwave Radios

Licensed Microwave for long distance, high capacity and dedicated bandwidth.  High Performance Licensed Microwave Radios offering up to 364Mbps and 728Mbps Full Duplex payload (1.6Gbps aggregate capacity) and higher.  Using suitable antennas and sites, ultra-long-distance links exceeding 100km can be achieved.



We also offer Service Packages to suit your needs

We strive to create a customer relationship based on confidence and trust. We are qualified experts in installing some of the industry’s best products.

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