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Alternative Systems Protection offers a range of car park management systems for any size car park. We provide our clients with a number of options: the daily frequency of use, the size of the entry and exit points and the type of barrier control (remote control unit, U-link, CCTV or remote station) that is required. Solutions include the stand-alone wired systems, which can be controlled via the web with software allowing remote access.

A well-designed Parking Revenue Control System could help your business in various ways, here are the main five benefits:


  1. Increased security– parking management systems give you the ability to monitor who accesses your premises and option to deter unauthorised vehicles/users.
  2. Reduced operational costs– well-designed systems are easy to use and manage, therefore there is no need for man-guarding, patrols or additional security on site. You will save time, energy and resources maintaining your parking system. All of this can be done from a PC or a smart device.
  3. Improved customer experience– thanks to integrated software you have access to live user data which help with managing the congestion flow. Also, our systems are hassle-free and easy to use. With automatic approvals, paperless payment options and permit systems, your customers can enjoy a pleasant experience.
  4. Access to real-time reports- you can access in-depth data across a range of crucial metrics. This will help you identify and resolve problems, target incorrectly parked vehicles, get real-time notifications as well as historic info at a later date.
  5. Increased revenue for your business– the most obvious benefit is increasing your business’s revenue. You can control the flow of transactions, manage and update tariffs.