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Now, the gym members enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their car keys, jewellery, and other personal items are stored safely while they train or use the facilities in a leisure centre.


Until recently the majority of lockers on the market relied on a basic key lock or pin pad for members to use when closing the locker. This often resulted in members losing their key while using the facility, forgetting the pin number that they selected or even forgetting which locker their belongings were in altogether. This resulted in staff constantly having to assist members and even hunt for lost keys if the key could not be found the lock itself would need to be replaced to ensure that the personal belongings of the next members to use the lockers would be secure. 



Over the last few years with the rise of RFID swipe technology being used in the gym and leisure centre market, it is now possible to integrate the RFID credential that the majority of clubs use for member access into the facility into the club’s locker system. This allows members to use the same RFID wristband that they use to scan into the gym, to secure their locker. Members then simply wear their wristband while training as they normally do and don’t have to worry about keys or keeping an eye on personal belongings. 



If a member forgot which locker they have used, member’s wristband can be scanned on the reader installed on the wall to get instant feedback on which locker has last been used by that member. In the event that the member misplaces or loses their RFID wristband, staff can easily and simply remove access for the lost wristband from the lockers without having to replace the locks.  For added security, these RFID lockers are even available with a built-in alarm, meaning that if a door was forced or broken into, staff would immediately be made aware adding to the safety of the facility and members personal belongings.


The first lock on the market based on Mifare proximity technology allows the full and easy integration of other applications beyond the locker, such as: membership systems, access control, fitness equipment login or cashless payments – all running from a single card, keyfob or a wristband. In this way, the end customer can enjoy a centre that allows access to all services with a single RFID credential.


Thanks to RFID technology, it is possible to effectively manage large numbers of people to avoid congestion problems in the locker area and in access to the centre.

The data provided allows accurately knowing the activity in the different areas of the gym and time slots. Customers can then learn about the club and contribute to better management of the centre.