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Alternative Systems Protection has been tasked with some major security upgrades to Glasgow Club Gorbals leisure centre, which have recently undergone a £1.5m refurbishment.

The site in Glasgow is owned and operated by Glasgow Life, and has recently undergone improvement works at all areas of the venue ie: the gym, swimming pool, sauna.

Previously, Alternative Systems Protection completed the installation of customised Glassgate 155 turnstiles – the first installation of this new product in the UK- this solution ensures that only authorised are admitted to the facilities, as well as provides access to the facility for wheelchair and including sports wheelchair users too. You can read about it here.

Recently, Alternative Systems Protection installed automated vehicle barriers to restrict vehicle access to the car park to staff, members and authorised vehicles only.

The challenge Glasgow Club Gorbals faced was the unauthorised entry from people living or working in the busy area of Gorbals and nearby City Centre resulting in lack of parking spaces for staff and leisure centre members. 

The 4 metres rising arm barriers equipped with beam warning lights have been installed at entry and exit of the car park, along with the control board. Control board is equipped with the keypad and the radio frequency reader. Visitors are required to type in the code or to scan the RFID membership bracelet in order to get in and out of the car park.