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Take control of access to your premises with robust, secure, automated or manual gates, barriers and turnstile

When you need to control access to restricted or secure areas of your building or site, ASP can supply and install a range of high-specification, robust barrier gates and turnstiles.

Turnstiles can be fitted either inside your building or at entry points to your site, to control pedestrian access. Barriers are used to control vehicle access to your site, while turnstiles perform the same function from unauthorised pedestrians, and also help to secure your premises against intruders. Both manually operated and automated systems can be installed.

The range of access control systems you can choose from to protect your premises:


Available in a choice of full-height or waist-height configurations and are 100% corrosion-free, for indoor and outdoor use.

You can choose from different types of turnstiles, with separate access lanes available for wheelchair users. Your turnstile can be set up to operate as a stand-alone access system using card readers, keypads or intercom systems.

More sophisticated systems can be designed to meet your specific requirements.



ASP offers a range of automatic or manually-operated barriers. Single barriers can span roadways up to nine metres wide. Dual barriers with a central locking mechanism can be used to span wider roads.

Our manual raise-arm barrier is a low maintenance, cost-effective way to control vehicular access to your site. The aluminium arm features a spring-loaded locking mechanism to fix the barrier position, as well as a counter balanced fish-tail weight for ease of operation.

The automatic barrier requires just a single-phase electricity supply to provide smooth, consistent operation. The barrier controller can be programmed to suit your specific access requirements.



Manual and automatic barrier gates are available. Our cantilever manual sliding gates are a secure, cost-effective option, using an internal roller mechanism to provide smooth and efficient operation.

Automatic gates comply with EU standards and regulations and are BS/EN 12453 compliant. The gates can be fitted with access-control systems including card readers, keypads, ANPR,  remote-control transmitters, push-button controls, intercom and video systems.

They can also be programmed to your requirements for gate speed, passage timeout and automatic opening times. All barrier gates can be fitted with spikes along the top to deter intruders.


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